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The Aladdin A-Lite is a high end bi color on board light with an integrated battery .

The light quality of the Aladdin A-Lite is outstanding with a CRI and TLCI over 90< either in tungsten or daylight.

The A-Lite comes with an integrated battery with a runtime  of 1-2 hours and can be charged over the micro USB . Enabling you to charge the A-Lite from any USB charger, laptop or battery with a USB Plug.

 The A-Lite is the slimmest and very light weight on board light on the market and the housing is made  from aircraft aluminum.

The light comes with a standard ¼ thread to mount it on any on board adapter.

A plastic diffuser is included with the light, it makes the light softer and more comfortable to look into it.

The A-Lite is adjustable from tungsten to daylight and completely dimmable from 5-100%.

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