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ARRI ALURA 15.5-45

 Main Features

  • Lightweight & compact

    • For handheld, Steadicam and 3D rigs

  • ARRI Lens Data System

    • Automatically provides lens metadata

    • Increases efficiency of VFX and 3D post

  • Outstanding optical performance

    • High resolution for 2K to 4K+ camera outputs

    • High contrast through minimized flares and veiling glare (FUJINON multi-layer EBC coating)

    • Greatly reduced chromatic aberration through the use of extraordinary dispersion glass

    • Large image circle of 31.5 mm covers all current digital cameras

    • Low geometric distortion and even field illumination

    • Minimized breathing, especially at the wide end, where it counts

    • Nine iris leaves for round, out-of-focus highlights and a pleasing, organic bokeh

    • Consistent contrast, resolution and field illumination across the whole focus and zoom range

    • Matched to all other ARRI zoom and prime lenses

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