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1 x Viewfinder

 1 x Moose Bars

 1 x Shoulder Pad

 1 x 15mm Kit

 4 x Batteries & Charger

 2 x 128GB C Fast Media Cards

 2 x 256GB C Fast Media Cards

 1 x Card Reader

 1 x Rode NTG-1 Top Mic

 1 x Camrade Rain Cover

Durable, powerful and easy-to-use! The EOS C300 Mark II captures stunning 4K/Full HD video with an incredible 15 stops of Dynamic Range, external RAW output and Canon Log2 to help realise your creative vision.


An enhanced 8.85MP Super 35mm Canon CMOS sensor, designed specifically for video capture, delivers superb high-resolution images with high sensitivity, low noise and exceptional detail.

You can simultaneously record stunning 4K/UHD images at up to 410Mbps/10-bit to dual internal CFast 2.0™ memory cards, 2K proxy files to SD card and output 4K RAW to external devices, for an efficient workflow. Utilise the abundant powers of 4K image capture in Full HD recording, with higher quality and significantly cleaner results, thanks to Oversampling HD processing.

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