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Exceptionally strong & light the "SLIDER" chassis is a two axis format that allows the Pan & Tilt gearboxes to be slid into new positions, without the use of tools and whilst the Camera is still fitted.

It only takes seconds and it's really simple!

Designed to work well hanging or upside down, this new format has up-rated bearings that dramatically increase the stability of the Pan & Tilt Axis. The rigidity of this arrangement is really impressive and reduces any small vibrations that may come from the jib or mount being amplified through to the lens.

By allowing the Pan offset to be move, the whole head can be adjusted to give a centre of gravity about the threaded Mitchell fixing point. This means that when the head Pans quickly the end of the Crane does not try to sway.

In its upright position the SLIDER format keeps the lens height really low and makes this a good combination for use on car rigs or situations where low format & good stability is essential.

The lens control options for Film and Video lenses fit right next to the camera to keep cabling short and easy.

Our tests on the stability of the Video Camera Base Plates, highlighted this as an area of weakness.

Often the Base Plate is where the unwanted movement is introduced.

The SLIDER solves this problem by the use of a new top clamp that grips the top of the Camera and stops the unwanted movement 

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