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 3 x Batteries

 1 x Charger

 1 x Phone Mount

 1 x Set of ND Filters

 2 x Micro SD Media Cards

 1 x Card Reader

The Osmo brings DJI’s recognized leadership in camera stabilization down to the ground and into your hands. A 3-axis stabilization system completely integrated with the camera cancels out your movements in three directions so it stays still even if your hands shake or wobble.

This is the first time this technology is available in a camera you can hold. The grip on the Osmo is precisely engineered with materials selected for comfort and durability,  and designed to ergonomically fit the palm of your hand. Conveniently placed buttons and controls keep important functions by your thumb for instant access.

Put your smartphone in the included Phone Holder to see what your camera sees and control it with a tap of your finger. Your phone is also the home of all the Osmo’s powerful intelligent shooting modes.

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