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As the little brother of Sachtler´s bestseller - the Video 18, the Video 15 SB is therefore even more compact and lighter. For comfortable EB use it relies on the innovative Speedbalance technology for a fast weight compensation and typical practical Sachtler features such as the parking position for spare camera screws and the illuminated spirit level.


Weight: 2,8 kg

Payload: 1 – 16 kg

12 counterbalance steps +0

7 horizontal and vertical grades of drag, +0

Tilt range: +90º to -75º

Slide range: 70 mm

Temperature range: -40º – 60ºc

Camera fitting: Touch & Go 16

Head fitting: 100 mm

Integrated flat base

Pan bar type / number: 1, telescopic, Type DV right

Level: Illuminated

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