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The PMW-350 supports multiple frame rate recording such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P and 25P as well as being 1080i/720P switchable. There is also a choice of a 35Mb/s High Quality mode, 25Mb/s HDV 1080i compatible mode and optional 25Mb/s Standard Definition DVCAM recording*. Twin memory card slots support up to 280 minutes HD recording time using two 32GB SxS memory cards. 


The 350's chassis is based on the proven XDCAM HD422 chassis, but weighs just 3.2kg and is one of the lightest shoulder camcorders in its class. Exceptionally low power consumption makes it environmentally friendly, using approximately 60% less than a comparable HD shoulder camcorder.



  • Shoulder Pad

  • 15mm Bars

  • Sony V-Lock Plate

  • V-Lock Battery Kit & Charger

  • 2 x 64GB SxS Media Cards

  • Card Reader

  • Top Mic

  • Rain Cover

  • Shoulder Strap 

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