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1 x Moose Bars

1 x Shoulder Pad

1 x 15mm Kit

1 x Sony XDCA Extension Unit

1 x V-Lock Battery Kit & Charger

2 x XQD Media Cards

1 x XQD USB Card Reader

1 x Rode NTG-1 Top Mic

1 x Camrade Rain Cover

1 x Sony VCT-14 Plate

The PXW-FS7 is a native E-mount camcorder designed to give users maximum lens options and flexibility, smooth and silent iris, focus and zoom control, with auto exposure and SteadyShot stabilization. An extremely shallow, 18 mm flange-back distance enables the use of a range of 35mm lenses. Sony’s optional LA-EA4 A-mount lens adaptor allows compatibility with a wide range of high-quality A-mount lenses. 


The camera’s 11.6 million-pixel Super35 Exmor CMOS sensor delivers enhanced sensitivity, shallow depth of field, a high signal-to-noise ratio for fantastic low light performance.

The new camera is designed to provide a range of creative shot options. It can be used hand-held, and is also designed for balanced shoulder-mount use without the need for additional rigs. The flexible viewfinder mounting system lets users easily relocate it for changing shooting positions. 


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