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Every component is perfectly placed: the monitor is at optimum viewing level; the battery is tucked under, out of the way; electronic controls are within easy reach. Now, imagine slipping into the vest. While one size fits all, somehow this new Steadicam feels like it was tailored to fit you alone. 

Once you're in the rig, the advantages of the Master Series System becomes instantly apparent. First and foremost are "no-tools" adjustments. Operations that were complicated and time-consuming are now performed easily and intuitively. Balancing and trimming require no tools. Low-mode configuration requires no tools. Adjust the high-resolution monitor by hand, without affecting sled balance. 

The patented new Iso-Elastic arm provides hand-adjustable lifting power throughout the arm's entire range. Our new, 14.4-volt battery powers monitor, accessories and camera for longer periods, under tougher conditions. And the Master's revolutionary "ultra-narrow" design - only 2 3/4 inches wide - keeps the sled close to your body to improve control and reduce fatigue.

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